Mischa barton dating ben mckenzie

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Mischa barton dating ben mckenzie

and we did 27 episodes our first year.” As Luke so elegantly put it 10 years ago: Welcome to being a huge hit, it was also Mc Kenzie’s first TV gig. I just kind of stood there, and they’re like, ‘Wow, he’s so method,'” Mc Kenzie jokes. Such babies.” So, as Lindhome puts it, “Did people turn into a–holes? I’m not trying to explain it away at all, but of course you make mistakes, but that’s how you learn and you get better.” Although, Mc Kenzie clarified that he was “always on time,” despite going through what Lindhome describes as “that phase of ‘I’m pretty awesome.'” “You just don’t have any perspective,” Mc Kenzie says.” “I certainly include myself, when you’re that young, you — and at least I had been through college — but you just, I feel like secretly you actually know that this is not, you didn’t quote-unquote earn this, so you weirdly feel guilty about it, which means you behave like a jerk,” Mc Kenzie says. And about what you do next, the star explains: “You either spiral downwards forever and it probably doesn’t end up very well, or you realize at a certain point, ‘Hey, maybe shouldn’t be doing that’ or ‘Maybe this doesn’t represent who I actually am or want to be.’ And, you know, I think I figured that out relatively quickly.” Mc Kenzie goes on to discuss the hyper-speed plotting of the show and how, for “all the first-timers, it was such a huge learning experience that I’ll never forget, and I made some good friends.” So 10 years later, it seems Mc Kenzie has ditched the brooding, but he’s still on that whole stealing-our-hearts thing.And Schwartz—who has since gone on to co-create and/or produce shows like ‘s 10th anniversary: Josh Schwartz: “I’d never really watched—and this kind of ironic now—a lot of teen dramas myself. But Stephanie Savage, who was the producer on the pilot, has seen every episode of , so she was much more certain that we’d figure it out.And I think casting all the parts was tricky.” “Everything evolves.“We wrapped on Friday, and we were picked up on Monday,” he tells Lindhome.

— aka the defining teen soap opera of the early 2000s — is over a decade old.became nothing short of a phenomenon, fans are still dying to know what went on behind the scenes. Was the set full of bagels, bikinis, and good times?And after Tate Donovan spoke to Vulture back in August about how some of the show’s young stars became “very tough to work with,” more rumors started swirling.C.” Turns out, the experience wasn’t such a pleasant one.Gigandet recalled to Elle that his co-stars were not welcoming to the new guy.

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