Microsoft dns reverse lookup not updating

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Microsoft dns reverse lookup not updating

The following list illustrates a typical example of how a private DNS update leaks out to the global Internet. The DHCP client first sends a query to its local domain name server (LDNS) and asks for the authoritative server for the zone of its domain name (step 3).Once the DHCP client receives a response (step 4), it sends the update to the indicated server (step 5).Do not use anything else between your clients and Domain Controller/s.

Although BIND is a grown up DNS and long in production on millions of servers, the Samba BIND DLZ module is still new.Only if you know with certainty that the updates get sent only to a local DNS server should you run the Dynamic DNS Updates service.Most home users who use DSL/Cable routers as DHCP/NAT servers to facilitate multiple host connections to the Internet should turn off dynamic DNS updates.That's why both backends don't yet cover all the features that you can setup with the Microsoft DNS tools.If you discover problems or missing features, please open a bug report/feature request at

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It's not just for resolving IP addresses into names and vice versa.