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There’s so nothing wrong with dudes loving their dude friends, but this is played for pure comic relief.Brooke, what are your hopes and dreams for the second half of the season? B: I’m still holding my dream that LC and Kristin become BFFs and take over the world together tight to my chest. Also, can we talk about how many questions I have related to the timeline choices and continuity errors this season?Stephen continues to play LC and Kristin, and is succeeding only in playing LC.

Meaning that since we left our characters in August at the start of school, not too much has changed.

All we know is that one is Kristin’s bestie and one is trying real hard to hook up with Jason for reasons I can’t fathom.

Brooke, what are your thoughts on where we picked up the story?

So much so that I would wager it was a factor in encouraging LC to only stay in San Francisco that one semester.

Granted, Stephen (we’re still solidly #Team Never Stephen around these parts) is still ostensibly away at school, as is bestie Lo.

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Today he is a studio analyst for Fox Sports college football TV coverage.

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