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Mandating organ donation

"[Canadians] view organ and tissue donation as a gift.It is a positive step that needs to be taken, rather than an assumption that is made." If the public has the perception that doctors or the government will just help themselves to our organs unless citizens take the time to fill out forms saying they don't want them to, there is the risk of a backlash against the whole organ donation system, Prakash says.

S., and more than 31 per million in Spain, which has a presumed consent system.Our country would be a much better place if we didn't waste the perfectly useable organs of the deceased. How many people would you say are waiting for a new heart, lung, liver, etc? In stead, we should offer some kind of tax incentive for being a voluntary donor. There are too many people desperately in need of organs for us to just bury people with perfectly good organs when they weren't even opposed to donating them.your right there..theres some of that goes on full time around the world...has to be kept voluntary but we need more awareness..a win win as I view it...obviously not everyone else feels the same Losing a loved one is HORRIFIC especially suddenly and at a young if that HAD to happen to me with one of my own, I would be proud and happy to have a part of them save another young person and give them life.... How many people have to suffer and wait for organs that they may not ever receive? We can't allow people to sell body parts because folks have been before, still are in a reduced capacity under a ban, and would be again killed so that their parts could be sold. Most people would have no issue with being an organ donor, but far less are actually registered to be an organ donor.If you failed the birth lottery and are poor, chances are you won't be able to shunt money towards getting an organ faster. Your organs will be used to save the lives of others desperately in need. Likewise, mandating organ donation will increase the number of preventable deaths. An "opt-out" system makes more sense than an "opt-in" system IMO.

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"There are many countries that have presumed consent models, but they're a ‘soft' model.