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But Man Stoke Woman is about adults in there 30s and the relationships between men and women.There is no catchphrases, no silly costumes (well perhaps one small one worn by Nick Frost) and together with a fresh cast and good scrips, the show is by far the best of the 'new comedy' to air on BBC3 in the past few years.I think the people who don't find this funny are the types who focus on repetition, although nothing really wrong with the ' Little Britain' formula, it does get tired easily and the writers get lazy. What makes Man Stroke Woman stand out from other sketch shows is................has lasting appeal.The great thing about this show, is that you don't know what to expect. It has elements of a wacky Monty python style, but a realism to it.

Like any sketch show, some of the sketches are repetitive and don't work for some people, but at least they don't make the mistake of allowing them to run on too long which can really try the patience of the viewer.

It's true that sometimes the repeated punchline of ' I don't think we should do role play any more' or 'you can never just say I look nice' do wear thin over time, but the lead up to these punchlines is still extremely funny and different every time.

Overall it's a brilliant show with brilliant actors and I think everyone should give it a go.

Each time seems more strange, but the husbands reaction keeps the laughs, whereas the same punchline 'You can never say i look nice can you? Desite the presence of some bland traditional sketch show traits, it can still pack in more laughs than others.8/10 Obviously, as with any sketch show a few of the sketches wear thin or rely on 'stupid' humour that not everyone will love, but taking all of this into consideration it is still one of the best sketch shows that I have ever seen.

' Man Stroke Woman's' strength really comes from the actors, and they really are ALL a very funny and talented bunch.

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Also the writers don't rely on swearing (though there is plenty) and bodily functions for about 90% of the gags like "Tittybangbang" which inexplicably managed to get a DVD release and a second series despite the jokes wearing thin after a couple of episodes and very few fresh sketches seemed to be introduced in the latest run.