Malcolm gladwell dating

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Malcolm gladwell dating

Speed Dating, as a single word, is a registered trademark of Aish Ha Torah.

The great thing about thin-slicing, argues Gladwell, is that we can all do it, especially when it comes to thin-slicing each other.

Evolution has honed our social intelligence, allowing us read people accurately based on fleeting first impressions – which is why speed dating and chatroulette might actually be a good idea.

We don’t even need to meet our potential future partners in the flesh: just a quick webcam peek of their bedrooms is enough to accurately guess their key personality traits.

In no more than 15 minutes of observation, Gottman can predict with 90 per cent accuracy whether a couple will be together in 15 years.

Or consider how an art expert thin-sliced a 2500 year-old Greek statue in the blink of an eye and was able to tell it was a fake.

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The joy of Blink for marketers is not the two key takeouts that , but in the intellectual adventure Gladwell takes us on to get there.