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Walking over such dust is impossible for a lady who would wear light garments and keep them spotless. Penny (2) Triplicane Assemblies July 2015SO2 – 16 ug / m3NO2 – 23 ug / m3RSPM – 150 ug / m3“Between Georgetown and Mylapore is Triplicane, the Mohammedan quarter of Madras.

Each photo in this visual archive is accompanied by a factual record of air pollution levels in the area on the corresponding day, as measured by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.It permeates everything, and penetrates through clothing to the very skin.It stains white material with which it comes in contact, just as powdered paint would stain it.His father Sesha(dri) Sastrigal, a rigv Edin being his tutor, taught him all that he knew.Mahalingam’s paternal grandfather Subramanya Sastri, a Hoysala/Kannada Brahmin was the Mudradhikari – the person in charge of the treasury/finances of the Kanci Kamakoti Mutt, which was then quartered at Kumbhakonam.

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