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Lack of knowledge of the child's age shall not be a defense. The trial judge shall have the authority to issue any necessary orders to protect the safety of the child during the pendency of the criminal action and beyond its conclusion. Whoever commits the crime of indecent behavior with juveniles shall be fined not more than five thousand dollars, or imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than seven years, or both, provided that the defendant shall not be eligible to have his conviction set aside or his prosecution dismissed in accordance with the provisions of Code of Criminal Procedure Article 893.It is not always necessary to wait until you receive your divorce judgment to begin to date again in Louisiana.Cohabitation is defined, with regard to final spousal support, as living with another person in the manner of married persons.Beyond this, it is simply the courts judgment to find whether you are in fact cohabiting.This is because you do not want to find yourself facing liability, as you would no longer be free from fault.One of the standards to prevent you from getting final spousal support in Louisiana is that you are free from fault prior to the filing of the petition to dissolve your marriage.

Divorces in Louisiana can take up to two years, and it is common for one of the spouses to want to begin dating someone else before legally ending their marriage. If not, what possible crimes could the 30 yr old be potentially committing? So is it legal for, as an example, a 30 yr old man to engage in sexual intercourse with a 17 yr old girl?The above material is intended for information purposes only.It is not intended as professional legal advice and should not be construed as such.

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An additional negative is that your spouse is alleging adultery in public record.

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