Looking for a job in a speed dating format

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This allows people to present themselves far better, and to show their attitude.'' Travelling out of Dunedin for work was no issue, he said. Let's put the two together.'' The speed-dating format was putting the people needing jobs in the face of those offering them.

''Definitely I'd travel for work if it means having a job. The underlying hope is that people in Dunedin get a break, get a job for life. It was hoped it would solve the ''Rubik's cube'' situation where matching available jobs to available workers had not worked in the past, he said.

Dunedin job-seeker Saju Baby said the event was a perfect chance for him to meet prospective employers.

He had recently arrived in Dunedin from India with his family and said it had been difficult to gain the engineering work he sought.

The Clutha Dunedin Job Fair came on the same day Statistics New Zealand released figures showing national unemployment had risen to 6% in the September quarter.

During preceding demo days, investors are asked to watch companies' pitches, and indicate which ones they liked through an app.

There's no point in sitting at home.'' Mr Cadogan said there was no plan B for filling the jobs.

There's a glut in venture capital money chasing tech start-ups these days, as investors search for the next Uber or Airbnb.

A note could be something like: "I worked in retail for 25 years before starting my fund.

So I want to meet this e-commerce company because I think I can help the company navigate and even compete with Amazon." YC then matches start-up founders with investors if there's mutual interest.

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The company ran buses between the plant and Dunedin daily, making the commute an easy option for prospective employees.