Local sober dating sites socially and conscious and dating and matches

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Local sober dating sites

Or if you’re totally vibing with the person and want to reveal your alcohol free lifestyle, go for it … The magic concoction that got me through the early stages of my new life was a little drink called bitters and Coke. Let your date know your best time zone, give them some options, and don’t be afraid to suggest earlier times if your alcohol free lifestyle has your schedule shifting.Bitters has an orange flavor to it, most people do not know what it is, a lot of my dates just assumed it was a type of alcohol, and bartenders would never charge me much for it. A big part of dating alcohol free is remembering that you are a ROCK STAR for choosing to live the way you want to live in the face of social pressures.It may seem like most people on the dating scene aren’t sober, but in reality nearly one-third of Americans are completely sober and another third consume less than one alcoholic drink per week.If you have hesitations about sober dating, you’re not alone in the game.Do not let the disappearance of alcohol hold you back from meeting people, discovering fun activities in your city, and trying new things.

If your date is drunk or you are uncomfortable for any reason, Irish goodbye on out of there.Whether you’re on an alcohol hiatus, are in recovery, have been sober for years, or are new to the game, dating without alcohol can be even more fun than going out with a drink in hand.There are many misconceptions about alcohol-free dating.Below are 20 sober date ideas that you can easily pull off at a moment’s notice while having fun without a drink in sight.No matter what sober date you end up choosing, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s possible to still have a great time without alcohol involved.

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You can simply say “I’m doing a cleanse,” or “I’m alcohol free to support others who cannot drink.” Say what you want to and what feels right, and remember that if somebody’s weirded out, they’re probably not for you.