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Live sex chat softweare

You get to know their strong and weak areas and based on that, you can give them feedback to improve upon as well as establish best practices that need to be followed by other agents too. Personalize client interactions Whenever you need to interact with a particular customer, ensure that you have gone through their chat transcript.This will provide you with fodder to transform your boring stock communication into a personalized interaction.Quantitative chat analytics include metrics such as visitor details, agent response time, chat rating, chat duration etc.These must be monitored to improve the conversion rate of your website and are indispensable.For example, after adding products to their cart they may not be able to apply a discount coupon or enter their shipping details, for which they needed customer support.Simply modify your website to alleviate such common problems and your users will love you even more! Create a FAQ section that actually helps users There is no better way to learn about the specific queries and reservations that users have regarding your product or company than live chat archives.Step-5: Review individual transcripts It helps you identify the performance of your chat agent and find specific pointers where they need to work on.

Simply follow these basic steps to get valuable insights from your chat history archives.

So you have got live chat software embedded in your website to help your customers throughout their buying process.

You even track and measure the visitor data, timely analyze the reports and take appropriate actions based on it.

But qualitative data is equally crucial despite being not as easily measurable as its counterpart.

It is instrumental in helping you better understand what the customers want and feel about the website during their journey through the sales funnel.

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