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Excellent discussion of the scientific basis for our understanding of the spread of languages and people, with a deep lesson: we are all related.

So the overarching patterns are more important than the hair-splitting details, which can be appreciated more in other places which exhaustively discuss narrow aspects of European history. Romanian language it is a Romanic language with some slaves words.

This way, as you toggle back and forth through wide-sweeping time periods, you can get an idea of how political borders fluctuated and evolved over time.

To show border fluctuations year by year over a 7000 year period would be unfeasible.

Zoltan - Showing every incremental fluctuation in political borders throughout the past 7000 years is beyond the scope of this project.

My aim was merely to show a broad-brushed evolution of European history. The time period in question (1350-1505) covers 150 years.

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It wasn't unti'll 1941 that the Germany declared war on the USSR and joined the allies ultimately being one of the major turning points in the allies favour.actually Croatia is not identical to the former Roman Pannonia. Modern Russians are very different from medieval Russians. Western half of Kiev Rus (modern Ukraine) had never been a part of Golden Horde. Ciao - The interactive map above does not clearly address the genetic composition of Romanians.