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If Congress does nothing, law enforcement still has options.Police can obtain a special warrant allowing them to sneak into someone's house or office, install keystroke-logging software, and record passphrases.A spokeswoman for the DEA declined to comment on i Message and encryption. The DEA's "Intelligence Note" says that i Message came to the attention of the agency's San Jose, Calif., office as agents were drafting a request for a court order to perform real-time electronic surveillance under Title III of the Federal Wiretap Act.They discovered that records of text messages already obtained from Verizon Wireless were incomplete because the target of the investigation used i Message: "It became apparent that not all text messages were being captured." This echoes what other law enforcement agencies have been telling politicians on Capitol Hill for years.The regulations were upheld in 2006 by a federal appeals court.But the FCC never granted the FBI's request to interpret the law to cover instant messaging and Vo IP programs that are not "managed"--meaning peer-to-peer programs like Apple's Facetime and i Message, Facebook Chat, Gmail's video chat, and Xbox Live's in-game chat that do not use the public telephone network.

"There is a growing and dangerous gap between law enforcement's legal authority to conduct electronic surveillance, and its actual ability to conduct such surveillance," FBI director Mueller told a House of Representatives committee two weeks ago.The real issue is why the phone companies in 2013 are still delivering an unencrypted audio and text service to users.It's disgraceful." The DEA says that "i Messages between two Apple devices are considered encrypted communication and cannot be intercepted, regardless of the cell phone service provider." But, if the messages are exchanged between an Apple device and a non-Apple device, the agency says, they "can sometimes be intercepted, depending on where the intercept is placed." This isn't the first time that federal agencies have warned of surveillance woes.Guarda il video Per essere competitivi è necessario utilizzare strategie di sviluppo innovative che permettono di migliorare l'efficienza energetica delle macchine, ridurre tempi di progettazione e costi di produzione.Le nuove tecnologie e l'evoluzione del comportamento umano richiedono macchine capaci di adattarsi rapidamente agli ambienti di lavoro.

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So what the bureau has been spending quite a bit of time on, and certainly has as a top priority this year, is coming up with a proposal with other members of the intelligence community that tries to balance all of that.

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