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This gives immediate notification that users will be able to take action on as soon as possible.Active Web Cam is available to use on multiple webcams at once as well.For Windows PC users who need a solid surveillance tool and already own a webcam, Active Web Cam offers a respectable amount of options and tutorials to get you going.The Microsoft Life Cam software is a free program that comes with the Life Cam camera when you buy it.From here we sailed westward for half a month and finally reached Tamralipti (Indian east coast)" Another source dated from a later period mentioned the name Bhumi Malayu, written in the Padang Roco Inscription dated 1286 CE in Dharmasraya, and later in 1347 CE, Adityawarman edited his own inscription inscribed in the Amoghapasa statue, declaring himself the ruler of Malayupura.From these records the name Malayu seems to be identified with the area around the Batanghari river valley from estuarine to hinterland in present-day Jambi and parts of West Sumatra province.The Microsoft Life Cam is officially supposed to be a viewing program but Microsoft added a series of editing features that allow you to change your video.

It's a great tool for surveillance, specifically because Active Web Cam can sound an alarm or email you images whenever it detects motion in the area you're monitoring.

It is not as advanced as the free Microsoft Movie Maker that comes with Windows but it has many of its functions and it loads your movies quicker than Microsoft Movie Maker.

In addition the Microsoft Life Cam has multiple language support and its settings functions and modes are self-explanatory because of the well-designed icons on the program buttons.

The Microsoft Life Cam is only a very small program that is supposed to accompany the Life Camera hardware which would justify low expectations for the software but it actually has far more features than one would expect plus the loading and rendering times beat some of Microsoft's other movie editing programs.

Since Blumenbach, many anthropologists have rejected his theory of five races, citing the enormous complexity of classifying races.

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For beginners, Active Web Cam offers a wizard that will help get your webcams set up.