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Linqdatasource updating

The names should match those in the LINQ table you plan to bind to.The difference between directly binding to LINQ and the Linq Data Source tag, is that now we need to write a little in the code-behind to bind the data. NET 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, and LINQ, there is a whole new way of working with the data layer in C# ASP . Prior to LINQ, many developers would either generate or custom-code a data layer based upon the usage of Sql Connection, Sql Command, and Data Reader objects to manipulate data.With LINQ and LINQ to SQL, we no longer need to rely on the details of the connection objects and can instead begin thinking more abstractly by using the pre-generated LINQ business objects and the data access layer.In this manner, LINQ has brought a conformity to the data layer in ASP . However, as with any new technology, new architectures often arise to support them.

Notice in the Get Weapons() function, all we’re really doing is calling the To List() function on the Weapons table in LINQ.What we have above is a basic Drop Down List control placed on the web page.Notice that we pre-set the Data Text Field and Data Value Field properties to indicate the fields we wish to display.The second tag is the Linq Data Source control, specific to . Your web application must target the 3.5 framework in order to have this tag available.To use the Linq Data Source tag, you simply specify the Context Type Name, which is the fully qualified name to your LINQ to SQL data context.

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We also included an additional property, called Data Source ID, which specifies the location of the data source to actually pull data from.

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