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Residents welcome tourists, despite the fact that they might butcher the pronunciation of the Spanish-named streets and crowd the tiny, one-way dirt roads with their massive SUVs.We welcome outsiders because that’s what Santa Fe is all about.If you’re downtown, I’d recommend Marble’s Taproom (60 E. Water) is only open in the summer, but it’s also an awesome outdoor spot with some great lady-meeting potential.San Francisco) because you can sit outside all year round (there are heaters! If you’re in the Railyard area (which you should be! Guadalupe) or the Second Street Brewery‘s new location, which is attached to the Farmer’s Market Pavilion (1607 Paseo de Peralta).Santa Fe is very small (there are only 70,000 or so full-time residents), the majority of the people are old enough to retire, and the nightlife in general is pretty quiet.That said, there is one gay bar/club: The Rouge Cat (101 W. It is female-owned, but it’s also pretty male-dominated and tend to have a 30 crowd.3/15/2012 – Queer Girl City Guide: Cleveland, Ohio, by Lora 11.3/16/2012 – Madison, WI and W4W Entertainment, by Emily 12.

But if you’re looking for incredible independent shops with culture and a sense of neighborhood friendliness, we’ve got the place for you.

A couple years later, a lot of them grew up, started families and lost (most of) their hippie tendencies. A lot of people say that Santa Fe never changed after that initial counter-culture infiltration.

What I’m saying is: people here are really laid-back, very open to new and/or different people and things and overwhelmingly accepting.

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