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In other cases, the father does not want the child to be born for financial reasons and is willing to commit murder to stop it (ABC News, April 25, 2003, “Why Pregnant Women Become Murder Victims”).Some of the murdered women have been found, and some are still missing, like my sister.The FBI would be better equipped to determine the need for investigation and treat these cases with the urgency required for successful resolution. Many small-town police forces have limited budgets, technology, and training and are not equipped for the complexities of investigations when the victim’s body is hidden or destroyed. Federal investigators are less likely to have such conflicts. Perpetrators are likely to cross county and state lines to escape detection.The FBI’s would be better positioned than local police officials to track down these murderers. Perpetrators of maternal homicide may repeat this crime if they are not apprehended.We must create legislation to mandate that the FBI investigate cases of murdered pregnant women immediately.The statistics above make clear: foul play is so common in these cases that to neglect to look for it is to pay a grave disservice to these women’s families and their need for justice and resolution.I would deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with you or your staff to resolve these cases on behalf of my sister, Kristine Kupka, other murdered pregnant women, and their families and loved ones.Darshanand "Darsh" or "Rudy" Persaud is the main person of interest and last KNOWN person to be seen with Kristine Kupka alive.

“In some cases, the woman has been abused for years, and the violence escalates to murder after she’s pregnant,” writes Kim Curtis (Associated Press, April 23, 2003, “Murder: The Leading Cause of Death for Pregnant Women”).Most states offer philosophical or religious exemptions from compulsory vaccination.In some states, religious exceptions include personal religious beliefs, whereas other states require the individual to be a member of a religion whose written texts explicitly prohibit invasive medical procedures.Many of the men have not been charged, due to lack of evidence—evidence that an FBI investigation could reveal.I am asking that your help in introducing and passing legislation requiring the FBI to investigate missing and/or murdered pregnant women in the name of my sister, Kristine Kupka.

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The bill was offered by two assemblymen from Manhattan after the salmonella outbreak last year from an Iowa CAFO—a Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operation, factory farming at its most inhumane and its unhealthiest.