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Lds dating overnight

Lizzie is often asked how she got her username; the LD in her username stands for her initials 'Lizzie D'.She has previously mentioned that her username was insipired by her favourite You Tuber of the time 'NDTitan Lady'.A lot of Lizzie's old videos are now private or unlisted.

Lizzie has been dating dating fellow You Tuber Smallishbeans.

In Summer 2011, Lizzie started a new single player modded Minecraft series called Let's Play Minecraft.

However, it only lasted 9 episodes, Lizzie quit after her house was destroyed by Ogres.

Lizzie was very close to her sister Maddie throughout their childhood and they spent a lot of time together.

Lizzie chooses not to share a lot of her personal life on the internet but she has shared some details of her childhood in her Draw My Life video.

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From 2012-2015 Lizzie attended Liverpool John Moores University to study Computer Animation & Visualization.