Laguna hills utility company liquidating trust

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One Rodney Square 920 North King Street Wilmington, Delaware 19801 Telephone: (302) 651-7700 - and - Dennis S. (“Friedman’s”) and Crescent Jewelers (“Crescent,” and together with Friedman’s, the “Debtors”), in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (the “Bankruptcy Court”), were prepared pursuant to 11 U. The Schedules and Statements remain subject to further review and verification by each of the Debtors. Rosenblatt KILPATRICK STOCKTON LLP 1100 Peachtree Street, Suite 2800 Atlanta, Georgia 30309 Telephone: (404) 815-6500 PROPOSED COUNSEL FOR DEBTORS AND DEBTORS-IN-POSSESSION Dated: February 28, 2008 Wilmington, Delaware RLF1-3257980-1 GLOBAL NOTES AND STATEMENT OF LIMITATIONS, METHODOLOGY, AND DISCLAIMER REGARDING DEBTORS’ SCHEDULES AND STATEMENTS The Schedules of Assets and Liabilities and Statements of Financial Affairs (the “Schedules” and “Statements”) filed by Friedman’s Inc. § 521 and Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 1007 by management of the Debtors and are unaudited.The Debtors are currently operating their businesses as debtors-in-possession pursuant to the Bankruptcy Code.Except as noted in the Schedules and Statements and elsewhere in these Global Notes, all asset and liability data contained in the Schedules and Statements are stated in United States currency as of January 28, 2008. Each asset and liability of each Debtor is shown on the basis of the net book value of the asset or liability in accordance with the Debtors’ accounting and/or tax books and records as of January 28, 2008, or is shown as unknown. The Debtors use one cash management system through which the Debtors pay substantially all liabilities and expenses.

These Global Notes and Statement of Limitations, Methodology, and Disclaimer Regarding Debtors’ Schedules and Statements (the “Global Notes”) are incorporated by reference in, and comprise an integral part of each of the Schedules and Statements, and should be referred to and reviewed in connection with any review of the Schedules and Statements. Description of the Cases and “As Of’“ Information Date.

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The Debtors reserve the right to challenge the character of the consigned goods being consigned goods. Owned property and equipment are stated at net book value.

Depreciation and amortization are calculated based on depreciable periods ranging from 4 to 35 years, utilizing the straight-line method. In the ordinary course of their businesses, the Debtors lease real property and various articles of personal property, including furniture, fixtures and equipment, from certain third-party lessors.

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Moreover, although the Debtors may have scheduled claims of various creditors as secured claims, the Debtors reserve all rights to dispute or challenge the secured nature of any such creditor’s claim or the characterization of the structure of any such transaction or any document or instrument (including without limitation, any intercompany agreement) related to such creditor’s claim.

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