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Over all it's rough and ready but not an unpleasant place to spend a few months in. However apart from someone trying to punch me in a club ( and missing fortunately ) I never had any problems or ever felt in any way threatened.

I would say it's the most interesting place I visited in the FSU. People said never to walk after dark and only take taxis but I walked around at midnight after leaving a club and never had problems, I am however 6'3 and have wear a good scowl when I need to. The problem is they love to drink but cannot handle the drink and then act tough and start shit,usually with someone smaller then them.

I'm not too knowledgeable of hotels since I never used one but there is a Hyatt for the ballers and places that cost about 40 a night for the rest of us. Numerous times I had local men,usually taxi drivers saying insulting stuff to the girl whilst we walked past. The Women: The population is made up of about 90% Turkic races i.e the Kyrgyz themselves ( about 70% ) and then Uzbeks, Uyighurs, Dungans etc. From my experience the Russian women tend not to mix too much with the Kyrgyz.

Anyway I've leached enough info of you guys so want to kick off my membership with some info of my own to contribute to the forum. The options were the Southern Republics or Central Asian ones.Lets discuss the two different races in regards to women and gaming them.Kyrgyz Women: Kyrgyz women are an Asiatic looking race.Where to stay: I shared an apartment with some friends. Having said that a foreigner was murdered when I was there so things happen but just use common sense and I'm sure all will be ok. Fortunately they can't fight and hence are little threat,just an annoying inconvenience.The apartment cost 300 US a month but you can get them for 200 US in the micro regions. This is certainly the way to go if you are staying for a while. One thing you need to be prepared for is walking on the streets with your local girl. Hence that makes Bishkek a poor choice if you are only interested in Russian/Slavic women since only 1 in every 10 women is Russian.

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