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He is gone a long time so Jenny follows and discovers him having sex with the waiter in the toilet. Mia meets another date, superficially self-assured surgeon Stephen, though she shocks him by telling him that when she was an escort girl he paid her for sex.

Tony pays off the restaurant staff to not file any charges against Callum and Callum gets up to leave.

The episode ends with her brother telling her that she cannot do what she is doing.

On his thirty-fourth birthday David meets Ellie and they go for a meal.

They embark on a playful swim in the hotel pool which almost turns into sex before Stephen gets a phone call from his hospital. The episode ends with Stephen being told he is a good kisser and Stephen telling Heidi she looks hot.

Jenny goes on another date and appears to hit it off with Christian as they both find the exhibits in the art gallery where they meet pretentious.

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Next morning Kate is scathing when Erica tells her she is afraid to come out to her family but they still agree to meet for brunch.

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