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రోజంతా పని చేసి విసిగి వేసారి పోయిన మీ జీవితానికి ,మీ ఒంటరితనానికి కమ్మని నా మాట తో మరియు ఈ సొగసుల ఆట తో మంగళం పాడండి .

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[adrotate banner=”7″]~Akand Sitra As the heading suggests, this article is not just a chronological collection of the events that happened during my interview, but rather an attempt to make everyone realize the hidden potential in themselves and thus helping them become better human beings.

IAS officers do serve people but that is only because it is an indirect result of the “duty” that they are supposed to do.

I appreciate all the gestures and I hope I continue to help and serve people.That is the only reason why IAS officers are often confused with “Benefit-givers”.The true role of an IAS officer is – “Administration”.In December, I knew that I might pass Mains, so I thought of concentrating on the next stage, after taking a small break.My family thought of sending me to Delhi for interview coaching (Facepalm, they never understand), when I said no, they asked me to take at least mock interviews.

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This can be considered as the third and the final article in my series.

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