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Jtextpane not updating real time

Swing related questions should be posted in the Swing forum (like you've done in the past) Maybe you have data Display Area defined twice, once as a class variable and once as a local variable.If you need further help then you need to create a [Short, Self Contained, Compilable and Executable, Example Program (SSCCE)| that demonstrates the incorrect behaviour.cmd=Array Of Commands Which Work Properly Runtime run = Runtime() ; pr = run.exec( cmd ); Buffered Reader buf = new Buffered Reader( new Input Stream Reader(Input Stream() ) ) ; while ( (c=br.read()) It seems that there must be an acellerator in the way or something... It seems that the j Text Area is just accumulating and not updating until the process is complete. However, the interface MUST be blocked as the code is flashing firmware onto a device.The problem is that it does not update until the entire processs is complete. I guess I should disable all controls, begin a new thread, then have the thread report back to reenable them upon completion? I can't figure out how to update the JText Pane however. Instead, make those components you need to reference else where instance fields.I've tried revalidate(), validate(), repaint(), none of those seemed to work. You should create a background thread that performs the computation, and then use Swing Utilities.invoke Later to update the JText Area.Edit It has been pointed out that JText Area's append function actually is thread safe (unlike most Swing functions).

Do it without using any special thread programming or run() method.Hi, I have the simplest question, but I can't seem to get an answer to it.The problem is very simple: I have defined a JText Area and I'm reading text into it.Once you have done that give an effort to fixing the problem in the simple situation, that will give you the idea how to solve the problem in your console simulator program.It will also be easier for us to help you with the prototype than with your console program. OK Rob has a similar idea, he snuck in ahead of me.

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