Jenna moonlight dating sim presents men dating two women at once

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Aug 24, 2017 • 71,000 words • A dating sim where you play as Wario to scam some chumps (including Mario, Luigi, Waluigi and Bowser) out of all their money by making them fall in love with you.

Of course, if you should fall for them, you can choose to give in to your romantic desires as well. The game features our original writing, original horror music and loads of vintage public domain black and white period photography to bring in an authentic 1920s feel.

Aug 25, 2017 • 24,156 words • A Bx G romantic comedy visual novel done with 3D graphics.This is a story of how her troubled past caught up with her and how she used this second chance she was given to change her former life... A full version of the game features: - 4 romanceable characters (men); - love triangles and lots of jealousy between characters; - over a hundred choices for player to make strongly affecting the ending of the game; - a few big plot twists; - 11 different endings (both good and bad); - you can make your protagonist whoever you want – a sassy flirt, a true lady, a sweet little angel or straight up evil and manipulative woman; - lots of humor as well as more serious moments and difficult moral dilemmas; - beautiful royalty-free music by Kevin Mac Leod ( - unique graphics (characters and backgrounds) made solely for this game; - a game using a Ren'py engine.Please enjoy this free full version of the game and let me know what you think.Jul 22, 2017 • 16,557 words • We present to your attention a choose-your-own-adventure visual novel computer game called "The Gift of Cthulhu" set in the dark and chilling world of H. The game features multiple choices, multiple endings, sandbox and RPG elements.Our heroine, an ambitious and highly competent woman, arrives in Arkham to try and break into a medical career – after all, while the best hospitals and medical schools may turn their nose up at a top graduate merely because of her sex, a provincial town might want for good hands enough to be willing to put prejudice aside.

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Instead of many dates over a span of time, these all take place on the same Saturday night.

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