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Was half asleep taking this one on the plane earlier. I found them over Instagram and instantly fell in love. We stayed at two beautifully designed beach front hotels located at Station 1 called Sol y Sombra Boracay._For bookings, you may contact Chiqui at 639173273970 _ And this is me taking my usual selfie by the beach.. Better you hear it from me than Fashion Pulis or the tabloids They call 2013 “Year of the Selfie”. There’s just something so therapeutic about getting dolled up, finding the perfect pose, angle and filter for the perfect Instagram #Selfie! To hype up Glamfest, they are hosting a promo called #Glamfor Grammys wherein their fans can take "glamselfies” for a chance to win tickets to LA for the Grammys.Btw for those of you asking, I use VSCO Cam to edit my photos. (See full mechanics here: https:// The winners have until to send in their entries. Built on love, trust and an all encompassing friendship that made love… That was the thing, the one problem with her almost-perfect boyfriend. Too insatiable in fact that there are days when walking hurts. The number of times they’ve cancelled on friends and stayed in asleep was embarrassing that their friends have labelled them king and queen of… He hugged the best too, and she’s all snug and warm against him, and his shoulders are the perfect place to rest her head on. And they had a partnership, not just any other relationship but a partnership. until he’d whisper wicked things in her ear and they get even friendlier. And Bret had sent her one too many death threats if she won’t force James out of her bed and hang out with him. Because well her boyfriend was the best pillow in the world. something James that she could just sniff him all day.

You have to be 100% complete as an individual before you can dedicate yourself to another.

Let them starve.”“Love…”“Habibi…”She mimics in a sing-song voice and she feels his lips curve up against her forehead.“If you let me go now I have a treat for you later…”That perks her ears up and she pulls away hastily from him narrowing her eyes at him as she trails a hand down from his neck to his chest.“What kind of treat?

”His eyes glaze over, taking on that wicked gleam that promises her a long, long night, and a day of painful walking.

I’ll be doing a separate blog post on how I edit them; soon so stay tuned! I had a ton of fun going through the selfies you girlies tagged me through Twitter and Instagram yesterday! Also, watch out for my last selfie for the year 2013! I’m excited to post more photoshoots, reviews and girly advice for all of you. Much love, Ericka xx Anyone is capable of loving another.

(’Instants’ App for the polaroid photo above) So I met my baby cousin for the first time. The motherhood instinct in me came out of no where! So for the next couple of days, I will be posting a few more with a theme attached to it. But to be ‘in love’ and to have a balanced and healthy relationship, one must truly love themselves first. It could be really hard to take from your boyfriend if you feel you don’t deserve their love due to your insecurities.

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Sorry for the little (or should I say looong) hiatus. It’s true that doing what your passionate about makes you a lot happier on the inside. I’ve hindered myself a lot from posting on social media because so many people have something to say and it gets annoying at times. I’m honestly more of a city girl so this was perfect for me!

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