Jake and vienna still dating dating rules in different cultures

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A show rep admitted that while Jake and Vienna’s sitdown was “emotionally charged,” no one was “ever physically in harm’s way, nor was anyone ever threatened with physical violence.” The segment aired in July 2010 with host Chris Harrison acting as mediator.

(For the record, even though it was edited to look like Jake might want to swoop in and steal Jo Jo away, it turns out they’re longtime family friends, and he was just there to offer her advice about looking for love on reality TV.) For those unfamiliar, Jake Pavelka, 38, is one of the more despised former “Bachelor” stars in the show’s history.

At one point, he loudly snapped at Vienna to stop interrupting him; she burst into tears and walked off set.

As viewers watched in horror, Jake stayed seated and appeared almost pleased with himself — as he’d proved his point that his ex was just impossible to deal with.

It displays arguably antiquated notions of chivalry and gender roles, while also managing to be unrepentant for (or at the very least unaware of) its promotion of traditional family values and homogeneous parade of WASPs; few daters of color ever make it through central casting.

Recently the show has come around to embracing its serialization, a strategy that has boosted its ratings.

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