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As time went by, she got the chance to co-star in the 1982 Steven Spielberg film "E.T.," the Extra-Terrestrial that led her to the ladder of fame.Nancy Dow Aniston: After Jennifer Aniston's mother gave a tell-all interview about their relationship in 1996 (and later tried to capitalize on her daughter's success by writing an embarrassing book about her, entitled star's 2000 wedding to Brad Pitt.However, in 2005, after her marriage to Brad fell apart, Jennifer reportedly reconciled with her mother.Still, that didn't stop tabloids from reporting that the actress was "neglecting" Nancy, after the 75-year-old recently suffered a stroke! Courtney Love: Frances Bean Cobain, the 19-year-old daughter of Courtney and the late Kurt Cobain, made her feelings about her mother clear when she filed for a restraining order against Courtney in 2009.Can you really blame her though, especially considering Courtney's unhinged Twitter rants and stints in rehab?Her daughter was proud of the book, Jaid insisted, "because I've finally made it on my own." But later that year, when Jaid did a full-frontal nude spread for Playboy-with a male model the magazine described as "some lucky stiff"-after her daughter had posed more demurely for the cover, Drew was reportedly horrified.Jaid Barrymore has been known to attempt to cash in on her daughter Drew's popularity with some very questionable tactics, such as posing for Playboy in September of 1995, just eight months after Drew did in January of the same year.

We're guessing Courtney probably won't be invited to the wedding.5.so she had a lot." Emma seems to have forgiven her mom for her misstep though, as she recently told an interviewer that Krista has always been her "emotional barometer."Tell us: who do you think is the worst celeb mom?"I still support her — I must know that she is taken care of or I simply cannot function.In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Drew says she will tell little Olive all about her past, drugs and all!Tags: baby, drew barrymore, drugs, family, jaid barrymore, mom, olive, oprah winfrey isn't as impressed.

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Lindsay Lohan's "momager" has seemingly tried to cash in on her daughter's fame and, like Jaid Barrymore, enjoys partying with 25-year-old Lindsay, whose struggle with alcohol and drugs has lead her to a countless number of court appearances and jail stints.

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