Iranian dating customs deepika padukone dating yuvraj

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Iranian dating customs

Generally, men wear trousers and shirts or t-shirts and younger women wear normal western outfits like skirts, dresses, jeans, etc. In rural parts, people are found to wear dhotis and kurtas or bandis.

Even traditional outfits like chania choli by women and kedia dress is worn by men in rural areas or during cultural festivals. A traditional ‘Gujarati Thali’ consisting of dal (lentils), roti, rice and vegetables apart from salads, farsan and sweet dish followed by chaas, forms the morning meal.

Many business opportunities see way to development with the Vibrant Gujarat in various sectors as: Gujarat has major multicultural religious faith system with the inception of all-embracing religious faith ranging from caste to caste.

The major religions followed are Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.

Dating back to history with the Harappan civilization, the state becomes a confluence of many religions – Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Buddhism.

Festivals and fairs, arts and crafts, folk dances, music, cuisine and lifestyles form a major cultural background of the people who belong to Gujarat.Groups like Bohras and Moresalaam garasias, Kutchis who had been converted to Islam still have eqaunimous way of life of a typical Gujarati.Sunni Muslims are second largest group ,followed By Jains, Parsis of Iranian descent of south Gujarat and Christians.Shared cultural background making people feel to home ground and more comfortable with other people from their own culture.Culture shock unlike other countries is therefore, a missing point which makes people more confident and energetic as they stand for a challenge in global scenario.

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People of Gujarat are found to be sharing cultural traits and patterns with other regions and also extend beyond national boundaries towards International culture.