Ipw2200 needs updating

Posted by / 01-Jan-2020 22:37

Starting the first partition at sector 2048 leaves at least 1 Mi B of disk space for the master boot record.

BIOS boot partitions do not need to be formatted with a filesystem; the .Instead it can generate its configuration file ( does not report any found entries then no entries were found.In this case GRUB2 will offer no boot selections when upon system restart which may be a tricky, time consuming situation to resolve.Note When the system is meant to dual-boot with Microsoft Windows, make sure that the system itself does not have an UEFI firmware.Also, older Microsoft Windows systems might not support GPT.

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An EFI System Partition is not required, but it would be sensible to make sure that the BIOS boot partition is large enough to be converted to one, should the system motherboard later be upgraded to an UEFI board.