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Currently nobody wants: 1) a blocking mutex 2) a client barrier on a write.

3) Only be able to disable query cache at compile time/startup time.

Since query_cache_size is protected from any changes by the barrier in Query_cache::resize() we can safely add a test at the begining of the invalidate* functions to avoid having mutexes locked when the query cache is ment to be disabled.Try Alon, you seem to be making lots of different accounts, which is making editing your question harder.You should contact the help centre via the link at the bottom of the page, to ask for your multiple accounts to be merged.modified: sql/sql_per-file messages: sql/sql_Added enable/disable checks for all invalidate interface methods.We lately mved to My SQL V5.5 on Cent OS release 6.7 with master and 2 slaves.

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Description: Since the Query cache hurts some workloads, we turn if off by setting query_cache_size=0.

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