Intteracial dating

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Intteracial dating

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In a way it is for the better, since those who aren't white nationalists must be missing some vital parts of the brain, or such...

But I have been dumped several times because I am racially aware and hold on to some mix of fascist and national socialist values.

but on the lighter side I have actually met good WHITE men who support the white race heart and soul like I do, I did not hide the fact that I was indeed a racist and if they did not like what I had to say in MY profile then they can kick rocks!

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AB was purpose built to introduce compatible White Nationalists for romance and marriage.

It will strengthen the resolve of many of us, for this is the greatest burden of any white nationalist.

It dwarfs even armed or physical struggle where ones life or health is at stake.

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the liberals are the real hard core fascists, because they make you feel inferior to their rhethoric and they clearly think they are far superior to anyone else. Oh I would do a lot of jobs THEY woudln't- ah it's along story. Can you imagine someone told me that "WE" have to give Mexico back to the Mexicans?

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