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(More details on the launch itself below.) JC has most recently appeared on "The Mancow Show" w/ Mancow Muller, "Tell Me More" w/ Michel Martin on NPR, WERC News w/ Scott Fitzgerald, "Morning News Weekend" w/ Don Russell, "Newsmakers" w/ Geoffrey Clark, and in Metro, Deal Breaker, and The Business Insider, and DStripped Magazine.To book an interview with her, please contact Will Bower at [email protected] 202-365-2536.Michele Burnside Pettes Austin Texas Dear FRONTLINE, Well done. I think they are fine, as long as both members understand the consequences of their decision.We are a mixed racal couple raising our 7 children of assorted colorsand appearences. This is a big revelation for me, considering I am a Black man born and raised in the south during the Civil Rights Era. Vaughner Dear FRONTLINE, I personally have nothing against such liasons or against the offspring of such unions.My father is a right wing conservative and my father-in-law is a militant black activist.Our two worlds could not be more different, politically or religiously. Our families respect each other, they both respect our marriage, and most importantly, they both cherish our children.Marriage is all about coming togther as two separate people to become one.While race in America is one of the thorniest issues because of our history, there are other "differences" which require the same compassion and sensitivity in order to overcome.

My own heritage is mixed in that my father is from an old American family with some notable ancestors. My husband's family is as well mixed, in that his family is divided with some being southern baptists, and his father being islamic.

Some people think we adopted, some think the mother is a nanny,some agencies even questioned the legitimacy of our birth records! I also believe that those blacks who shun mixed race couples and children are the exception rather than the rule in black America.

The kids have to deal with the color comments in school, but we explain things at home, and everything seems to be working out OK, especially since there is a growing Hispanic presence in our area now. When I was younger, mixed race women, we called them redbones, were very desireable to me.

The challenges are different and not being prepared for them is the issue.

The thing I would say is that for the person who is not used to dealing with racism or rejection, they will have the biggest adjustment to make.

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Further details: "I GOT THE FEVER" LAUNCH PARTY WHEN: Thursday February 3rd, 2011, from 7pm to 9pm EST WHERE: SHAG 108 Roebling Street @ N.