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The protocol and credentials associated with a data center device for authentication of remote operations.Novell's Protocol provides information about what servers are available on the a disk-interface technology developed by a group of the industry's leading vendors to replace parallel ATA. Serial ATA only requires seven wires per device (4 data and 3 ground) and the cables can be up to 1m long.A public-domain alternative to DOM for enabling programming languages to work with XML documents.One of the required basic certifications mandated by Do D Instruction 8570.01-M for ALL people having access, either as a military member or as a civilian support person.The system administrator account installed with Microsoft SQL Server.

Protocol that allows subscriber’s computer to interact with digital switch, making it possible to coordinate information in database with incoming and outgoing phone calls to allow company representative to receive customer call and simultaneously receive customer's file for viewing on desktop workstation.An NTSC audio channel used for auxiliary transmission, such as foreign language broadcasting or teletext.A german company that produces the leading suite of client-server business software ("Systems, Applications and Products in data processing").Serial Attached SCSI offers much faster communication and easier configuration.Device attached only to the primary ring of a FDDI ring. SAS Institute, a business intelligence software vendor, founded in 1976 and headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.

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The Windows component that maintains a database of installed services and manages each service's state.

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