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House md speed dating

House plans on using him to break into patients' homes to look for diagnostic clues.Foreman joins the two fellows on staff, Robert Chase, the longest serving (and suffering) fellow, a rich kid whose dad appears to have gotten him this job, and Allison Cameron, who apparently got her job because of her looks.Cuddy, frustrated with House's lack of a work ethic, decides to go to extreme measures to get House back into the habit of working in the clinic.Plot: A 16-year-old boy comes to the hospital complaining of double vision and night terrors after being hit in the head by a lacrosse stick.House is dismissive until he notices amyoclonic jerk in the boy's foot.After a near-fatal hallucination and several faultydiagnoses, House is mystified until he learns the boy's true paternity.Plot: After a spirited sexual intercourse with his fiancee, Brandon collapses, suffering from abdominal pain, nausea, fever and low blood pressure.House and his team cannot pinpoint Brandon's problem since there is no illness with this many symptoms.

We learn that despite his considerable intellect and talents as a physician, he does next to no work at the hospital, merely coming in from 9 to 5 to oversee his three teaching fellows.

She thinks he is totally unfeeling until House's ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner shows up, begging House to treat her husband.

House successfully does so and finds himself in a position of letting his ex-girlfriend work at the hospital.

Plot: When a nun comes in to the clinic with bleeding hands, House gives her an antihistamine which appears to set off an allergic attack.

However, when the nun gets tachycardia from the epinephrine House gives her to treat it, Cuddy concludes he gave her ten times the appropriate dose.

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This infuriates his boss, Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy.

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