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What I failed to mention is that I've got the whole first-date thing down, up and break some of my major dating habits. I know, I sound certifiably nuts, but I promise: I'm ready to put my old habits behind me. In a matter of minutes, I found out everything I'd ever discover on social media and more.

Because, at the end of the day, if I don't put myself out there and take risks, I'm not going to find my match. So for my first date, I banned myself from any and all internet stalking. Plus, it was kind of nice not having to pretend I didn't know his mom's first name for once. I didn't think it was weird that every ex kind of looked the same, dressed the same, and basically had the same job until a girlfriend recently called me out.

Seriously, it's Over the last several months, dating has been my absolute last priority.

Plus, my workload was full-on, I had a Thursday-night dance-cardio class I wasn't about to skip, and my girlfriends and I had a big summer bucket list to get through.

But now that fall is in full swing, I'm ready to get back into my dating groove — is it just me or is there something about sweater weather that signals a new start? I re-downloaded all the apps (Bumble, Raya, Hinge, you name it) and got to work. I value my friend dates and self-care way more than drinks with a random guy.

Well, as of right this very second, I'm still talking to one of them — the guy whose Instagram feed I didn't stalk.

We've been on a few dates and have another one on the books for next week.

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  1. The Sadsack Headline Please don’t represent yourself as a desperate loser burdened by years of baggage. The message you’re sending with headlines like these is that you’re unhappy, weighed down with tons of issues, and resigned to a sad fate of online dating.