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Harvest moon island happiness dating

Alongside its sequel, Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands, they both follow the new protagonists Mark and Chelsea.

Prior entries before Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness were all interconnected to a central story of descendants that all carried over the family farm.

Beginning in the in the Sea World Adventure Park, this underwater action-adventure sends players on a magical journey, in the role of the famous orca mascot, Shamu.

For some reason, Poseidon, the god of the sea, seems a bit jealous of the magic and fun that the killer whale brings to his water-park home, and he wants to steal it away for himself.

They said that the use of the stylus was not very innovative and that traveling was slow.

Earlier in the review they mentioned how much work and trouble it is for the simplest of tasks.

About the only thing I REALLY DISLIKE about Io H is the stylus character movement, I'm so happy the DS finally has a few games that actually allow you to use the stylus more, but it can become a hassle when trying to throw things in your bins, in the trash, or just moving, in general.

However, that aside, I love the music, graphics, and it's definitely worth picking up if you're a fan.

If you like using your stylus this is a good game for you. If you love any of the Harvest Moon games (I've played most of them) you'll like this as well.Game Spot's average critic score is 7.0/10.0 as well.Hyper's Tracey Lien commends the game for bringing "back the addictive elements from previous games".There seems to be signs of past life on the island, but no one knows what happened.By farming, the player will attract new villagers (much like Harvest Moon: Magical Melody), who provide ranching or agricultural services.

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Playing as a girl, there are also six eligible bachelors: Vaughn, Denny, Shea, Pierre, Elliot, and Mark.

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