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Up and running in about 15 minutes, fine tuned over the following two days or so.Since then, it just does its stuff, and does it so well. although Amazon made a mistake by sending me two devices and charging me for two instead of one.When your mobile phone is not available, use the included simple remote control.It lets anyone in the family change the channel and adjust the volume.

Logitech Harmony Smart Control with RF turns your smartphone into a powerful universal remote that gives you access to all your entertainment devices, even through cabinets and walls including IR devices and gaming consoles (PS3, Wii and Xbox).So in the end, I had to give up and create a completely fresh device.Just as well I had the old 555, because the original remote only has a power toggle, but the TV understands proper on/off commands (which are preferable with Harmony "activities").My Huawei You View box always got confused by the infra-red noise emitted by my Panasonic plasma TV screen.The Smart Control includes an extra IR blaster, which allows me to put the box well away from the screen, neatly fixing the problem.

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For me, with 4 devices to control, this is the perfect all-in-one."Wife acceptance factor" is 100% with this. Customize buttons is straight forward and the price makes it a star purchase.

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