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The remake involves completely redrawn graphics from the original artist (who later went on to work on publisher Overdrive's popular music-themed road trip visual novel Kira Kira), remastered music, rerecorded voices and new opening/ending videos.

Like many Japanese visual novels, Green Green has some erotic content, but is primarily a story-based dating sim rather than simply being interactive porn.

Such was its popularity on its original release that it later spawned its own anime TV series, two sequels and two spin-off Play Station 2 games -- neither of which featured erotic content due to Sony's restrictions on what was allowed on its platform.

Due to the erotic content in the original, however, Bamboo is unable to bring the proposed remake of Green Green to any of the established, popular crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Japan's equivalent Campfire as it would breach their terms of service.

To 'win' in Production Line you need to be able to seek out and fix inefficiencies in a vast production line that snakes with carefully planned precision around a colossal car factory. / Early Access Order the game today direct from us and get the alpha build to play around with right now.

Just when you feel the novelty of that kind of sim has run its course, though, it turns out you can play a dating sim where you’re trying to date a printer.

The game, developed by Japanese printer company Brother, takes place where most dating sims take place — high school.

Crowdfunding is an interesting phenomenon that has really come to prominence in the last year or two thanks to high-profile Kickstarter projects from teams such as Double Fine and Obsidian.

But the majority of the projects we hear about are of Western origin; what does Japan think of it as a business model?

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