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The professor quickly moved on from me to start sleeping with a former undergraduate. I have one undergraduate degree and three graduate degrees. This story takes place in a town with a university in it, one that I attended. He was also a good writer—I’d been to his readings. I made an error that many a university woman makes when a male professor pays attention to her outside the classroom. The entire time I sat in the attorney’s office, I felt humiliated. His wife had found suspicious credit card receipts. Would that have made me the seductress, the slut, like the rumor-mongers insisted?

The town could be Durham, Baltimore, Greensboro, or Chapel Hill. Most importantly, though, he wanted to hang out with me. I believed he wanted to talk to me because he found me smart and interesting. I realize, now, that this part of the conversation might have raised red flags for some people. Starting that day, and over the course of some more afternoons, we became what I considered friends. I placed the blame on his shoulders completely—on his, and those of the rumormongers. ’ And she pulled her kid in front of her and said, ‘This is my child! The man was very fatherly, and respectable, and kind. But here’s the deal, the worst part of it all: I had been afraid that I would get in trouble for had happened between him and me.

In late 2012, Lee said she was pregnant with twins and moved to Washington State, where some of her family members lived.

Wang helped her move and sent her money and gifts, according to the suit.

The cafe served coffee, of course, but it also served booze. I believed, hubristically, that I was above that sort of flirting. I didn’t know that this professor, with his speciality in fiction writing, would be able to charm me. The caller had speculated about why he’d gone to my apartment.

Both denied the affair when initially confronted about it by their department chair in the middle of that year.And a lawsuit due to proceed to trial involving a former University of Pittsburgh professor and a research assistant in his lab reads like one heck of a cautionary tale. Wang alleges that Lee attempted to sabotage his career and relationships with his family and colleagues, in part by sharing a sexually explicit photo in a mass email and requesting that he be served with a petition for a restraining order during an out-of-state interview.Tianyi Wang, former associate professor of infectious diseases and microbiology at Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health, is suing his former research assistant, Aram Lee, for invasion of privacy, fraud and defamation, among other counts, in a U. Lee and Wang began dating in 2012, court documents show.The very worst part of this story is that it really , only wanted to get in my pants. But we’d been talking about writing and work, and we were surrounded by other students. There didn’t seem to be any reason for me to look for flags, red or otherwise. We talked about writing, the novel I was laboring through with no guidance from anyone—from anyone besides him. To me, we felt like At the time, I was living in a typical graduate school apartment with three other people. How many of them were angry enough with me to stand in my way? And today, I’m certainly not angry at his wife for being angry at me. And there I was, telling him about this ugly fake-love-triangle that I was caught in the middle of. But what if I’d been a little more vulnerable, or a little attracted to him? What if I’d slept with him, believing him to be separated or divorced? Maybe he also thought I was smart—but he definitely wanted to get in my pants, too. His job was to do what I wanted to do more than anything. And new friends.” “Isn’t that a little over the top? We discussed my recent breakup with my former boyfriend, and he mentioned he just been through one, too—he’d separated from his wife. The apartment was little better than a flop-house, and we loved it. And it wasn’t just students that heard these rumors. I still needed to graduate and get references for jobs. At the time, I was not angry at the professor’s wife for being mad at me. Since this incident occurred, I’ve gotten married and had two children. ’ And I laughed, because, you know, we look nothing alike.” I tried to laugh too, and failed.

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In early 2013, Lee sent emails to the department chair and other faculty members and administrators at Pittsburgh, in addition to campus police, saying Wang had used and manipulated her for sex, and that she had moved out of state to get away from him.

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