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If you applied weeks ago and have not received anything from us, it is possible your application has been held up for some reason.If you applied on the Health Insurance Marketplace or with BCBSIL online and you have not received information from us, call our Customer Service Center at 800-538-8833 and we will look up the status of your application.Back to top We receive new applications from the Marketplace every day.If you applied through the Marketplace, it will take a few days for processing through the Marketplace before they are sent to us.Your member identification and group number listed on your welcome letter can be used by the pharmacy to verify your benefits.You will need to pay your first premium payment before you can use your prescription benefits.If so, precautions are taken to keep your information safe.In many cases your identity, such as name and address, will not be included in the information given during the review.

You can also call the Customer Service number on the back of your member ID card. We also have the following tools available to meet the Spanish language preference of our members: In most cases, you can only sign up for a health insurance plan during the open enrollment period.

If you missed open enrollment, you may be able to enroll during the special enrollment period.

To be eligible, you must have had a qualifying "life event" within the past 60 days or experienced other complications that did not allow you to complete your enrollment . Back to top BCBSIL and Equian have partnered to review the medical claim listed on your letter to determine if another person or insurance company should be responsible for the claim.

We are committed to protecting your medical records, and have strict rules to make sure our staff and anyone who needs to see your records keep all your member information confidential.

Your medical records or claims details may have to be reviewed.

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You can print a temporary ID card and request additional cards through your Blue Access for Members account.