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In fact, they experience more anxiety and depression than all other social groups of youngsters, while boys and girls with genius-level IQs are at extremely high risk of abusing drugs. Intelligence is not as valued during adolescence as it is later in life, which can set these youngsters apart from their peers.Their social skills may be stunted, and not just because they’re isolated: Extremely bright children sometimes expend so much energy cultivating their intellect, they neglect their “emotional intelligence.” Then there’s the practical matter of being out of the social loop much of the time; youngsters who are gifted spend an average of thirteen hours a week honing their talent.They’ll act dumb, pretend to be stumped by teachers’ questions in class and so forth.

It is important to note that not all gifted children look or act alike.

Unfortunately, traditionally gifted individuals often get the shorter end of the stick.

Surviving the transition from school to the “real world” can be rough, navigating a work place where each boss seems dumber than the next takes a toll, and negotiating meaningful social relationships can sometimes leave you confused and alone.

It was luck, not wisdom, that saved them; she turned out to be wrong. They discussed the issue quite rationally and decided not to begin a sexual relationship.

Sex, they reasoned, would put an emotional pressure on both of them that they werent sure they could handle, or the relationship could withstand; it would break down the protection against promiscuity that resides in virginity (once kids start, they had noticed, theres not much reason to stop).

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When children are labelled as “gifted” we like to think the world will be their oyster when they grow up.