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his mother has said he's been unfairly 'criminalized' -- and says he suffers from post traumatic stress.pam:some people in san francisco's chinatown broke out the umbrella's today light rain hit parts of the bay area.the f-b-i also says he's associated with the norteno gang.petrov was badly beaten by two alameda county deputies in november - which was caught on video.Description: Kate never put much stock in the rumor that she was the first daughter born in over two hundred years to the Thomas family.

a knock at their it make sure the person on the other side of it knows someone is callthat's how they were able to arrest four suspects at the end one adult.18 year old israel three from of the loaded firearm.there has been at least one other break in after those the police believe there are more thieves connected with the crew behind these burglaries.maureen kelly kron4 news. which reportedly raised more than 33- thousand dollars from advance tickets. the wayward sea lion found on highway -37 is safe and sound. an update on his status, and why he may not be released back into the wild. the little dog that caused a big commotion on the bay bridge. next, why a wedding engagement is off to a very rocky start.

of the more town witnesses interviewed a friend of the victims offered a different take. thursday he told that the night was never his hand.

ever told that two police regardless if the knife was in his hand waistband.

the man beaten by two alameda county deputies in november. catherine:for starters.these newly released documents tell us why f-b-i agents were swarming around a house connected to petrov last month.

during the march 8th raid - agents say they found a gun and drugs, including methamphetamines. the fbi believes the amount of drugs found suggest petrov was dealing.

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of those - he was 'convicted' of 5 felonies -- and 3 of the misdemeanors.

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