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Yesterday she had severe dysentry, which of course being all "polite American" she didn't let me know till like 3 pm.

I even stayed in the entire weekend, and my flu is gone, so it's just the cold.) Anyway, so I sat next to her, calmed her down, told her it was okay and called various friends and relatives in the US to keep them updated.

Although, again, that is a very weird thing to do, coz you're all like, "Oh, hello, you don't know me, but I broke your daughter." I left to go home and get her some stuff to settle her in for the night, but today she is fine too. Anyway, so it turned out that a bunch of people we had done theatre workshops and plays with are in Bombay. And tomorrow is Sameer's birthday, and August which is a very expensive month for me will begin, bringing with it FIVE birthdays.

The doctor there seemed more excited with the fact that she was from the US, but after putting an IV on her, was very nice going on in this totally fake American accent about what her "major" was and so on. the doctor looked at me and said, "Oh, sympathy illness" gave me a glass of water and then said, "Sooooo, what kind of journalism do you do?

I would've thought it was amusing at any other time, only just then, as I was standing next to her, I suddenly became completely giddy too. " Thankfully, he had lost the American accent or I would've bitten him.

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The self-proclaimed founder of the alt-right, Richard Spencer, is a well-known white supremacist.

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