Friends with benefits while dating

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That summer Tim headed to Mexico for a couple of weeks and I felt a surge of panic when he left, wondering if things would really be over when he got back.

Watching him laugh and flirt with a handful of girls, I became enraged, talked about him loudly, and got my friends to send over dirty looks.It was sweet and seemed unlike him, but maybe not — maybe despite everything I felt toward Tim, I still didn’t know him so well.We opened up all the letters on my living room floor and then ordered gifts online — Dora sweatshirts and backpacks for sisters in Brooklyn, a bean bag chair of Elmo’s inflated face for a family in Queens, an ant farm for an eight-year-old boy in Inwood. After that, Tim needed some space and I was bad at giving it to him.The air was frigid, but we had sex on top of the blue down comforter.My skin warmed and my pulse sped up — one of those rare moments of simultaneous thrill and utter calm.

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