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Much of the time, when you meet that perfect person (who is witty, attractive, intelligent, and single), it turns out they’re on the market because the idea of a committed relationship terrifies the pants off them…

(They might not even realize it.) Societal structures and gender norms mean by and large, the commitment-phobia stereotype is mainly lobbed at males, and for good reason.

Fifteen years on, that process seems to have done much of its work.

And just last Saturday, Sinn Fein held a march in Castlederg commemorating two IRA terrorists who were blown up by their own bomb 40 years ago.Some 95 per cent of children in Ulster still attend separate faith schools, meaning that the overwhelming majority of children can go from four to 18 without having a proper conversation with someone from the other religion (which is one reason why intermarriage between Catholics and Protestants is still a rarity).This is not due to a lack of demand – in March 2000, an opinion poll for the Belfast Telegraph showed that 85 per cent of people between the ages of 25 and 44 wanted integrated education for their children – but to institutional intransigence on both sides.The more you see one another, the more marked it becomes that all contact is in on your territory.With time and patience, a commitment-phobe can be “fixed,” in a sense.

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