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“When I do sexuality workshops, the word ‘yes’ is consistently one of people’s favorite words,” says Neustifter.

Don't: Feel Pressure“Dirty talk” is perhaps a misnomer, because bedroom banter doesn’t have to be crude to be a turn-on.“Some people find cursing to be completely un-arousing,” says Neustifter.“I love it when you kiss me”) with more risqué ones (e.g.“I want your [word for penis] inside me.”), and see what revs him up the most.

For example, here is a commit from one of my repos showing r32 merging with r30, to produce r33: If you don’t have an external merging tool, mercurial will save the left and right versions of the files, and place conflict markers (“««”, “—”, “»»”) in the working copy.

It is up to you to then edit the file, resolve the conflict, and then resolve or commit your changes.

Don't: Focus Too Much on His Size Some guys love being told their manhood is massive, but for others—even if they are average or larger—hearing about size may remind them of their own insecurities, says Neustifter.

Dan has helped incubate technology products including Ready Graph, a Saa S tool that allows websites to automate their growth; and SIGNL, a big data tool that detects when private companies start achieving momentum.Do: Stick with What Works for You“Women think they’re supposed to sound like porn stars,” says Yvonne Fulbright, Ph.But just because Jenna Jameson said it doesn’t mean you have to—the hottest words are the ones that get you in the zone, even if they’re comparatively tame.This is where you can customize options and load additional extensions.The absolute minimum is to specify your name and email address, which is recorded in every commit you make: Mercurial stores its repository in the “revlog” format.

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It had lots of useful information condensed into bite-sized task-oriented chunks.