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a mental image I didn't need and Bret's shudder told me we were both on the same page!

Signal broke into "Life," one of my personal favorites. " I hadn't heard this one before, but it brought out a Bret Harmon I wasn't too familiar with and I remember thinking, "This is why people come to a Signal show." He was transformed into an emotional mess and he sang the song with power and conviction.

They fired up their equipment for the pre-show sound check and Bret and Brian ... trotted around the bar to make sure their wireless equipment was up to snuff.

The folks at the Stoddard were very friendly and the service was excellent.

As the chorus came upon us, the whole band crouched and began to jump to the rhythm ... They proved that later in the show when Bret went wandering into the bar area and pulled a chair up to a table where a cute blonde sat ... I also learned that Mikey the bartender was sort of a roadie for the band ...

so that's why the beer was flowing like the spring thaw!

They broke into "Glass Half Full," where Chris Iarussi got to strut his stuff with a brisk and lively drum solo.

Chris is a stylistic player and we could feel his rhythms through the floor.

and damned if Eric didn't bust his guitar strings again! As the band broke their equipment down and lumped it out, I reflected on the night and the show.particularly thongs with their logo printed on them.A guy in the audience, who'd been there since the band started setting up, tried to pull his out of his Levis ...Modern rock met high country when the Signal posse saddled up and headed through the Wasatch to Morgan, UT and the Stoddard Inn.Competing with the local rodeo, these guys were no clowns and they proceeded to stay for the whole ride ...

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" and either faint or wind up atop a very large pile of eggs!