Free sex road sign

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Free sex road sign

Warning sign symbols show signs with symbols only, no wording. I've been interested in traffic signs for over 20 years and do own a small collection of signs.

You should refer to places that sell fonts for commercial versions of sign images and highway fonts.Traffic regulations are conveyed in signs that are rectangular with the longer direction vertical or square. The illustration below shows how the shape and color of a sign indicate the nature of the message.Additional regulatory signs are octagons for stop and inverted triangles for yield. Rectangular signs with the longer direction horizontal provide guidance information. Test your Sign IQ by taking the interactive shape and color quiz available on the web at Both of these books are available in electronic format online at This web site also contains information on standard lettering used on highway signs and pavement markings and on highway sign color specifications.

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The pictures shown above will take you to slideshow presentations of street signs, stop signs, and traffic signs.

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