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Peter Ludlow's abiding interest in "The Sims Online" is, he says, professional. " is an old chestnut among philosophers, and Ludlow figured that by observing a virtual world like "The Sims Online" he could get some pretty good clues pointing to the answer.

"You can think of these worlds as being like little laboratories in which you see the ways people respond to troublemakers, how they can be resourceful about it," he says.

A., a letter she also posted online under the heading "E.

Is it really so bad if kids on "The Sims Online" do the same thing for virtual money?

"In my opinion I don't think the game was designed for people to become 'scammers' and to harm other Sims," Snow White, the group's leader, told Urizenus.

"It is more of a glorified chatroom, to be friendly with others, not to betray them." The SSG has had some success in curbing misbehavior, but their efforts are limited by the physics of the game, and they've done little to stop Evangeline, Ludlow says. "It's the Sim Shadow Government" -- a weak, minimally effective, but perhaps necessary force.

But experts agreed that this is the sort of issue that game firms should think seriously about.

"I do know it's a maxim in the game industry that when a game is boring and there's nothing else to do people turn to sex," noted Edward Castronova, an economist at Cal State Fullerton who studies (and plays in) online worlds.

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Urizenus first encountered Evangeline in November, when he'd heard reports of characters "setting up a welcome house, offering assistance to newbies, and then scamming newbies out of their simoleans." (The simolean is the currency used in "The Sims Online"; it can be exchanged for real American dollars on, among other sites, e Bay.) Urizenus set up a sting to catch Evangeline.

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