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Free furry sex dating

They’re easily identifiable, of course, considering they’re significantly taller than other fancy-dressed trick-or-treaters.

Turns out the in-fighting has been an ongoing situation for at least the past year and a half.

” Since she started taking on commissions in 2014, Kiba has made ten full fursuits – each one takes her several months to complete, as she can only work in her spare time.

Despite being a highly sought after fursuit-maker, the talented lady says that only a few of her schoolmates are aware of her business.

In a society that is too often weirded out by weirdness, that is a good thing.

So let’s embrace the fact that our Lion City is also home to anthropomorphic lions, wolves, cats, dogs…

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Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2017 – a convention for enthusiasts who wear animal costumes ingrained with human characteristics for roleplaying – has been canceled.

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